Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Atlanta own new hot social network site Glam-swagbook

Atlanta has its own new hot social network site it will blow you away, was truly launched January 2nd 2010 this company was design with you in mind. Over 93 percent of the women in the world think or at least know that they are glamorous and over 92 percent of all men think or at least know that they have swagger so we built a network that will accommodate both. Unlike any social network out there Glam- Swagbook allows you to listen to free online Radio @ Speaking of listening to music this site has all genre of music for music lovers all over the world. Finally there is a place for musicians to hangout and compare playing styles answer or ask questions with people in the same field. Do you play the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, drums, percussion; Ect... this place is perfect for you. Meet new friends from around world that has the same ambition as you. You can find out where they are playing through posting, blogging or advertising on this site. Can you sing or rap? Do you have what it takes to get noticed with Glam-Swagbook? You can post and play an unlimited amount of videos or songs at the same time. This is a perfect place for you to register your Artist and Record company, you can even connect with your favorite DJ. You can’t do this anywhere else, not Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. On the other hand, Glam Swagbook is the first all in one social network site that allow you to connect to your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter from one location. You can sync your Facebook account, tweet from your Twitter, and also upload your pictures from MySpace while you are logged in to Glam Swagbook. I give this site an A+. This is the best site I have ever seen, because it does so much more. Go register now and set up your profile today. If you have any questions or concerns go to the help page at the bottom of the site and it will explain how to set it all up. Oh yeah! And I forget to tell you, listen to any music genre or and set up your own personal web cam with anyone in the world all for free.
Darryl Brooks

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hot off the Press is the quintessential site of all social network sites. It’s the first social network site that connect you to Face book, MySpace and Twitter without ever leaving the site. Do you think you are glamorous and know that you have swagger this site is where you need to be. All you have to do is register its free to everyone we finally have a site called Glam Swag it allow you the user to have swagger by choosing your own social group, there is Music/Musicians here is the link, as a new or old artist Glam swag give you the opportunity to upload and show case you talent to millions of viewers, talk on your twitter blog and use your wire post all while loading pictures from your My space account the best thing about this site is that you are not forced to talk openly so that everyone can see your conversation like the other social networks. There is Fashion here is the link, now all the glamour girl in the world have a chance to post their work and protect it at the same time up load videos, photos, and recent fashion shows you have your own site to promote it is up to you lots of vendor and companies will be begging you to work for them. Do you care about your health they haven't forgot about you they know that living healthy is a way of life here is the link, Glam swag gave you your own community you can talk to doctors and health specialist  who specialize in what you need, you can blog your health questions and answers, you the user get a chance to connect with someone who is having the same issue you have, you get to create your own forum well as keep up with the latest healthy five minute meals and click on other health related site. Connect with wall street money makers and like minded people  in the money bag community, even if you have never trade you can learn how to trade, buy stocks or share information with other investors keep up with the latest banking industry and how it affect us  in this country. There is more you have to see it to believe it.